Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Should Be Listening To . . . .H A R K!

Location: Swansea, Wales, UK

Ex Taint Front man Jim Bob Isaac's newest musical endeavour ,H A R K  take up where the Welsh power trio left off in 2010's astounding 'All Bees To The Sea' EP , with two tracks of progressive stoner majesty that recall Isaac's former band in full flight without wallowing in what's gone before.Fusing angular, serpentine sludge riffing with a sense of Sabbath-esque weight and groove, the two tracks on offer here are magnificent, and bode very well for a full length.Having recently supported the mighty Kylesa on their UK tour, expect big things from H A R K in the next few months, and hopefully, this time out, Jim Bob and his merry men get the recognition they deserve.

Listen here: http://harkband.bandcamp.com/album/mythopoeia  


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