Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Should Be Listeing To . . . Vanity!

Record Label:Church Independent

Vanity are an Italian based band , but also feature members from Palestine and Switzerland.They've just finished their first full length effort , entitled 'Occult You', which is inspired by themes such as European culture paganism and exoterism.The music itself is a challenging but intoxicating blend of Gothic doom , electronica, progressive rock and even new wave influences.Imagine latter day Katatonia sharing a jam space with members of Depeche Mode and Strommousheld and you might start to get the picture.

'Occult You' will be released in December in Italy via Church Independent/Audioglobe, and in January worldwide via Rough Trade.Here's a video for first single 'Under Black Ice', which probably won't do much for those winter blues , but is probably one of the most evocative and atmospheric things this Nihilist has heard in quite some time.

For fans of: Kataonia,Mortiis, Spear Of Destiny  
Listen here:  

Stephen O' Connor

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