Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Demo Review - Meanders

Location :UK

Track Listing :

Meanders are a relatively new  doom/post metal outfit  from London, UK, having only formed this year, and this is their first demo.A promising trio of tracks  of crushing funereal doom metal with an experimental bent, they may be a little green, but this is some exciting stuff.

The bands sound owes as much to bands like Neurosis and Jesu as it does the more obvious reference points of bands like My Dying Bride and Anathema.Opener 'Ascension' is a slow burning thing of bleak wintery beauty that puts one in mind of Irish sludge titans People Of The Monolith , or a more restrained Sleestak. The vocals never really stray from the usual brutal death-doom stylings , but it works for the most part, while the guitar work is lush and inspired. The band also indulge(though not overindulge, thank christ) more progressive aspects in their work, with 'Ascension' containing a lovely flamenco- tinged bridge that's not a million miles away from something Mikael Akerfeldt might have thrown out on Deliverance.

The rest of the demo is of a similarly high standard, and it's mouth watering to think what the band could achieve on a full length,perhaps even with a bit of a budget.Possibly one of the most promising demos you'll hear this year from the sludge/doom underground.

For fans of: Opeth, Neurosis ,People Of The Monolith, Cult Of Luna, Sleestak
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/meanders

Stephen O' Connor

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