Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Demo Review - Iweriu - Demo

Location: Cork, Ireland

Track Listing:
1.Church Of The Bleeding Knees
2.Ghost In The Machine
3.Calm After The Storm

Bleak, brutal and harrowing,this effort from Cork , Ireland noise terrorists Iweriu is not one for the faint hearted.A stark drone nightmare, these three tracks are the aural equivalent of reading 'Jude The Obscure' in a cold bath , while a Lars Von Trier marathon plays on a flickering, clapped out telly in the corner.

The band deal in a vile brand of blackened sludge blended with industrial rumbling that is  peppered with terrifying vocals reminiscent of legendary Hungarian loony Attila Csihar. Opener 'Church Of The Bleeding Knees' sets out the band's stall straight away, ten minutes of agonized, pitch black musical torture that reeks of cold forgotten basements, where unspeakable atrocities are committed to innocents,but only for their own good, you understand . . .

'Ghost In The Machine' forges a nice line in People Of The Monolith-esque glacial melody at its outset, slowly building again through waves of hypnotic slo-mo violence into a funereal doom dirge that sounds like Sleep struggling through a Xanax episode.Closer 'Calm After The Storm' rounds the demo off nicely, the band letting the song dissolve into washes of wonderfully awful machine noise,putting one in mind of Japanese noise terrorist Merzbow jamming with a downbeat sludge act like Rwake.

Strong stuff, and the only question really is, will you be able to handle a full length?Or will you cave and run away into the light?

Sleeping with the light on tonight, in any case.

Rating: 7/10
For fans of :Rwake, Sunn, Aborym, People Of The Monolith, Bitcho
Listen here:

Stephen O ' Connor

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