Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EP Review - Beef Supreme ' Beef Supreme'


Track Listing:

2.Death Shuts Its Mouth
3.Jim Jones Country
4.The Smart and The Lucky

Now here's something a little different. Beef Supreme hail from the Southwestern United States, and play driven , downtuned stoner rock with nods to the likes of Unida, Fireball Ministry and Fu Manchu. However what sets BF apart from a horde of identikit acts  is the unique and intriguing presence of guitarist and singer Niki Belgrande .Snarling and roaring  like the unwashed female spawn of John Garcia , it's her spirited performance that lifts this EP from the mire of desert/stoner rock to something a little bit special.

That's not to say it's all about her though, indeed, the trio are strong on all fronts, particularly in the arena of songwriting, the rhythm section tight as a gnat's arsehole, and the band as a whole  crafting  a quartet of enjoyably narked, grunge tinged rock n ' roll anthems. The production is also quite strong, with a clear, professional sounding mix that jumps out at you straight away.The highlight is third track 'Jim Jones Country', its'  good time rawk  vibe complimented by some natty leads from Belgrande , and propelled along by the kind of too-cool-for-school bass line that Scott Unida would be proud of. In fact, generally speaking, there isn't really a bad song, and the band wisely keep it simple: no frills, no bullshit hard rock with spit as well as shine. Keep an eye out for these guys , cos they won't be slumming  in the underground much longer . . .

For fans of :Unida, Truckfighters, The Jigsaw Murders,The Wildhearts, Fireball Ministry
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Stephen O Connor

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