Sunday, August 11, 2013

Demo Review - Purple Dino - 'Demosaurus'

Location:Xanithi,  Greece


Over the last couple of years there's been an upsurge in great stoner/desert bands from Greece, from the trippy,burnt out sonic voyages of 1,000 mods to the bombastic all out rawk of Nightstalker, it seems that someone in the small Mediterranean has some especially potent and powerful green for sale.Now add to that list the adorably named Purple Dino, a low  slung desert rock four-piece from the town of Xanithi in Thrace.

Obviously drawing influence from the usual  likes of Fu  Manchu and Nebula, as well as some of their aforementioned countrymen, the amusingly titled 'Demosaurus' comprises three tracks of enjoyably lo-fi, driving desert rock. The usual imagery of freewheeling drives along empty desert highways and doing inordinate amounts of drugs in the sun is evoked, while the band's sound tends not to stray too far from the traditional desert/stoner blueprint.Not that this is ever a bad thing, music like this is all about paying tribute to what's come before and of course, the execution, and Purple Dino do it better than a  lot of their peers . There is a loose, jammy feel to 'Demosaurus'  that keeps you coming back for more, even if the production at times can be a little bit rough around the edges, but hey, it's a demo(saurus) , so some of that can be forgiven.The main criticism, as is often the case with music like this, is singer Pavlos' vocals, which seem at times to be an after thought in the mix, and are either too high or too low in the mix.The band seem to be searching for their sound as well , which results in some parts of songs meandering a little.

However, overall, this is a strong first effort from an obviously talented bunch of dudes.Good smoking music, and one that bodes well for a proper EP/Album.It's also refreshing to find a band that doesn't put a naked chick draped over a car on their demo cover.Just saying,dinosaurs are fucking awesome . . .

Rating: 7/10

For fans of: 1,000 Mods, Nebula, Fu Manchu, Karma To Burn, Castero.

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