Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Album Review- Prehistoric Pigs- 'Wormhole Generator'

Location: Italy

Label: Moonlight Records

I don't know what they're putting in the water over in Italy, but it seems of late that the sex and pizza loving boot of Europe has been churning out some pretty awesome sludge/doom bands. From the horrifically spacey drone/doom of Ufomammut to the gothic beauty of Vanity, via the bat-shit space rock insanity of King Bong, a fantastic, not to mention unique and diverse  scene has sprung up from a country more traditionally known for Serie A and the antics of its Prime Minister.Now you can add to that list time travelling stoner monsters Prehistoric Pigs, a band who, in their own words, want to "enslave humans with our music."

Opener 'Swirling Rings of Saturn' kicks things off in monumental fashion, a cyclone of churning delays seguing  into a monolithic stoner riff that puts one in mind of a less restrained Karma To Burn melded with the low end swagger of prime early Kyuss. The band excel at the kind of burned out, droning instrumentals that the latter used to make their own on songs like 'Asteroid' and 'Molten Universe'. A pleasingly coarse , stripped down production aids things no end, letting the band's magma-thick grooves breath.

'Interstellar Gunrunner', a standout track on the album, exemplifies this stripped back approach.Burnt out, low slung riffing, all executed with hypnotic flair. Bass over driven to  near breaking point and welded to guitar riffs so huge and fuzzy Ted Nugent can be heard somewhere in the mix cleaning his guns. Some great lead work and soloing breaks things up, but for the most  part, it's all about the riffing, a few mellower moments only serving to break up the planet sized grooves a little and make things flow a little better.One of those albums that is best enjoyed start to finish, with a cold one in one hand and some fine Moroccan grass in the other, 'Wormhole Generator'   is a trip, and a reminder that instrumental music isn't all ASIWYFA and Enemies.Unmissable.

Rating: 8/10

For fans of : Karma To Burn, Kyuss, Asteroid, Dead Meadow

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