Saturday, July 30, 2011

Album That Changed My Life #5, Asteroid - Self Titled, by Paul Gillett

Paul Gillett, one of our Facebook readers, gave us the story of that magic moment when you discover a beautiful new thing in music, something to which I think we can all relate. This is Asteroid's self titled debut. Cheers Paul!

When I first heard Asteroid's self titled Debut album, I had all but given up hope on rock and roll. I was listening to a lot of  Pearl Jam who I have been of fan of since the 90's but, I felt like I was missing something. Someone on the PJ forums suggested a blog site called I found out there was a whole genre of music that I didn't even know existed. Bands like Kyuss, Colour Haze, Fatos Jeston and, Lost Natas and CLUTCH to name a few. I had heard of clutch before but, only the few songs that ever get radio play. I instantly fell in love with this new Fuzzed out "desert" sound. A few songs on this album stood out immediately such as The Great Unknown, Little Fly and, the epic Dr. Smoke. there were a few tracks that That only clicked after a few listens like 13th witching hour and water.  Hearing this album  also gave me a peek in to several Swedish bands like Dozer, Graveyard and Blowback. Yes, I can safely say that this album may have its faults but, It changed my life forever and, I am loving it.

The stoner, sludge and doom fans groups on Facebook have been very good to Nihilist for a long time now, if you want to check them out and join up then here are links to a few below. You get the best links to obscure stuff as well as news of new releases, free legal downloads and a lot of friendly banter too! Or check out Paul's own blog here:

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