Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Single Review -Heavy Glow- 'Mine All Mine'

Location: San Diego,CA,USA

Label: Purge Records (U.S)

Track listing: 'Mine all Mine'/' Headhunter'

Californian psyche-blues trio Heavy Glow have been busy as bunnies in heat it seems.A mammoth US tour which kicks off in less than two days and now a brand new single, showcasing ,it has to be said, a  softer side to the San Diego outfit than heard on most recent full length 'Midnight Moan' .And while that may sound slightly dismissive , it's actually quite a welcome new direction.Lead track 'Mine All Mine' is a propulsive ,poppy garage rock number that showcases frontman Jared Mullins' honey dipped vocals perfectly, the band leaning,it seems, more towards the classic sounds of Motown and there's even a nod to some of the Beach Boys' more straightforwardly rockin' moments, albeit only subtly.

The psuedo-Motown vibe  becomes slightly more apparent on B-Side 'Headhunter', actually the stronger track here as it turns out.Some fantastic lead playing by Mullins is complimented by a ballsy, solid turn from the bassist Joe Brooks and Michael Amster.Imagine, if you will , the Black Keys jamming with Ike and Tina's rhythm section,and that might sum up 'Headhunter'. A welcome injection of sex into a dull,cold January night, and possibly the most addictive thing you'll hear this year to boot.


For fans of: The Black Keys, The Bellrays ,The Raconteurs, The Bonnevilles

Listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/heavyglowmusic/mine-all-mine

Stephen O' Connor


Those tour dates:

Jan 10  The Rogue Bar----------Scottsdale, AZ
Jan 11  Hotel Monte Vista------Flagstaff, AZ
Jan 13  The Cheyenne Saloon----Las Vegas, NV
Jan 15  Johnny B's-------------Medford, OR
Jan 16  The Nectar Lounge------Seattle, WA
Jan 17  East End---------------Portland, OR
Jan 18  Cloud and Kelly's------Corvallis, OR
Jan 19  The Alibi--------------Arcata, CA
Jan 23  Hotel Utah Saloon------San Francisco, CA
Jan 24  Audie's Olympic--------Fresno, CA
Jan 25  Shea's Tavern----------Reno, NV
Jan 26  Whiskey Dick's Saloon--South Lake Tahoe, CA
Jan 27  Sandrini's-------------Bakersfield, CA
Jan 28  The Roxy---------------Los Angeles, CA
Jan 29  The Soda Bar-----------San Diego, CA

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