Thursday, November 17, 2011

Album Review -I Stared Into The Forest 'Society Discontinued' (Fading Halo Records)

It seems there's a bit of a cracker of a hardcore/grind/crust scene going on in Romania at the moment,and leading the charge is DIY label Fading Halo, with math-grind outfit  Coins As Portraits(see our recent review , and now the more melodic I Stared Into The Forest , who incorporate elements of death metal, grind and sludge into their cacophony of noise, to varying results.It's breakdown heavy stuff, but with some interesting passages of melodic guitar that incorporate an almost post metal feel , albeit filtered through a hardcore prism.There is reminders of bands like Converge and Shai Hulud in the sense of manic, depressive energy that permeats throughout ,particularly in the schizo battery of 'Sloth Machine' , and the stuttering,machine gun grooves  of 'Clean Up the Snow' . Hardly earth shattering stuff, but an enjoyably aggro listen nonetheless, and the band show tremendous promise.Here's to a full length soon, and in the mean time, it would be wise for hardcore aficionados to keep one eye on Fading Halo Records . . .

Rating: 7/10
For fans of :Converge, December, Darkest Hour, Job For A Cowboy
Listen/Download the album here: 
Stephen O ' Connor

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